The Village

The Village of Diakofti

Visit the sights of our village. Take short walks and enjoy the secret beauties of Diakofti.

Makrykithira island

Makrikithyra is the island that embraces Diakofti bay and thus protects it from the winds. Once, a literary center-village had been established on the island at the initiative of the poet Panos Fyllis. However, the island has remained untouched until today, except for the construction of the new port of Kythira. You can take a walk and explore this islet. We recommend walking along the inner coast or climbing to the highest point.

Chousti Cave

Chousti Cave is located at the east of the settlement of Diakofti. Located underground, the cave has surface of about 800 square meters and maximum depth of 15 meters. After excavations by the archaeologist, Aris Tsaravopoulos, and the 26th Ephorate of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture, Roman and Classical vessels were discovered. Moreover, research shows that the cave has traces of habitation since 3800 BC. It is worth a visit but it needs special attention, because the entrance is not easily visible and it is quite dangerous entering it.


Very close to Diakofti, you can see the wreck of the ship “Nordland”, which is half-covered next to the rocky islet Prasonissi and is one of the island’s attractions.

Caves of Asproga and Pontes

These caves are coastal and are located in the east of the settlement. You can visit them by small boat and swim in the blue waters surrounding them.