Visit the castles of Kythira and get to know their history.

Castle of Chora

This castle was built by the Venetians on the eastern edge of Chora. There was the seat of the Venetian commander of the island during the years of Venetian occupation. There are also Byzantine temples and buildings of historical importance such as the nobles’ houses. In the castle you will find the Historical Archive of Kythira, which you can visit and have a tour. The view from the castle to the Cretan Sea is amazing.

Kato Chora Village

This small fortress is located in Mylopotamos. A ruined medieval settlement welcomes you with the Lion of Saint Mark, the emblem of the Republic of Venice dominating the main entrance. The Byzantine temples within the settlement are of historical importance.


Aghios Dimitrios is the Byzantine capital of the island and was built in the 13th century. The fortress was built in the valley of Kakia Lagada gorge and was protecting the native population from pirate raids. In 1537, the grand admiral of the Ottoman Empire, Hayreddin Barbarossa, destroyed and plundered the settlement that has not been re-occupied since then.

Avlemonas Castle

The small fortress in Avlemonas was built by the Venetians in the 18th century to protect the port. It is open for visitors and in its walls is preserved the Lion of Saint Mark, the emblem of the Republic of Venice.