Archaeological Museum of Kythera

The Archaeological Museum of Kythera re-opened for the public on 8 May 2016, fully restored and with a modern exhibition. The building features modern infrastructure, free internet access for visitors and it is also accessible to disabled persons and to visually impaired people.

The new archaeological display is a journey through time starting from the 9th millennium B.C. and ending in the 3rd century A.D. with an accompanying narration that evolves over the three basic pillars of human existence, namely survival within a specific place, religious practices and death. The exhibition displays a total of 665 ancient objects.

The Museum is located on the main road of the entry of Chora and in very short distance from the central square of the village.

Kythira Collection of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art

The collection is housed in the Post-Byzantine church of the Ascension at Livadi, which was ceded by the Diocese of Kythera. It contains characteristic examples of the artistic production of the island, ranging from the Early Christian to the Post-Byzantine period: wall paintings and a floor mosaic detached from churches, portable icons, and a few items of silverwork, metalwork and pottery.